The National Association of University Women (NAUW) is an organization whose goal is to serve women, youth and the disadvantaged in our communities and in developing countries; by addressing educational issues; advancing the status of women's issues; strategically partnering with allied organizations. Some of our projects include the following: Educational activities designed to provide community outreach servers to learners at every level of development; Basic skills training for those out of school; Work to raise educational standards and achievements in colleges, universities, and institutions of higher learning. To learn more about NAUW please click on this link.

The Southeast Section of the National Association of University Women is a deeply rooted oak tree with strong branches that span across the following states: Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Who are we? The Southeast Section consists of female graduates of a 4-year college or university. Many members have obtained post-graduate degrees. Members have degrees in Education, Social Welfare, Technology, Business Administration, Sciences, Engineering, and Law.

Many of our members have a long history of careers and individual involvement in Civic Affairs such as: Elected Officials, Government Officials, Community Activists, Law, Law Enforcement, Business, and Entrepreneurs. The Southeast Section is led by Alice McClam, our Sectional Director. The Southeast Section consists of 25 branches spanning across the above states and we are looking for a few good women! If you would like to join Progressive Women Remaining Relevant in a Global Society, please contact a branch near you that is listed under our Branches Page. 

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